The Hungarian government’s refugee campaign in five points

1. Despite the fact that, based on the latest party preference survey, support for Fidesz has not increased since April, government politicians consider the government’s antiimmigrant campaign a resounding success. 2. The refugee campaign is not simply a diversionary tactic or the unusual tussle with Jobbik; instead, it is a rearrangement of the political arena  Read more

August 25, 2015 in Hungary, News

Scaling the Wall – Hungary’s Migration Debate

Hungary has not faced a refugee crisis this large since the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s, when Hungarian authorities had to handle close to 50,000 asylum seekers in 1991 alone. While right now the number of people coming to Hungary is much higher, most of them want only to travel through the country; during the  Read more

August 25, 2015 in Hungary, News

Jobbik’s policy proposals realized by Fidesz: A summary in 10 points

In the last five years, we undoubtedly saw that Fidesz implemented several measures that were originally part of Jobbik’s program. There are several fields where the rhetoric of Fidesz and Jobbik, as well as the policies they propose, have converged.  These parallels are so extensive that it would be foolish to regard them as accidental.  Read more

May 15, 2015 in Analyses, Hungary, News

“I am Eurasian” – The Kremlin connections of the Hungarian far-right

There have been many signs of Kremlin’s increasing efforts to influence both decision-makers and the general public in the EU and member states. One of the political tools to exert such influence is through coopting certain far-right (and far-left) parties and organizations within the European Union. Russian influence of this kind is considered a major  Read more

April 15, 2015 in Analyses, Hungary, News

Jobbik won its first individual constituency – reasons and consequences

On April 12, the far-right Jobbik candidate won a by-election in the individual constituency of Tapolca. The election took place due to the death of former Fidesz MP Jenő Lasztovicza in early January 2015. The electorate dissatisfied with the performance of the government turns to the political side it considers capable of defeating Fidesz. On  Read more

April 14, 2015 in Analyses, Hungary, News, Press

Seven statements about the nature of anti-Semitism in Hungary

In recent years there has been a rise in domestic and international public discourse regarding anti-Semitism in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary. However, the conversation includes simultaneously both banal understatements and hysterical overstatements, neither helpful. The analysis that follows lays out the facts about Hungarian anti-Semitism in help inform the discussion. Our statements are  Read more

August 7, 2014 in Analyses, Anti-Semitism research, Hungary, News, Research

The EU will survive

Key findings The strengthening of extremism is an important signal, but the EU-committed “mainstream” remains strong. If the notion of the crisis becomes stronger within the EU, the prediction of “Europe will fall” can fulfill itself. Since the Eurosceptic parties often admit their Russian commitment, it is an open secret that their larger proportion of  Read more

May 28, 2014 in Analyses, Europe, Hungary, News

Changing Enemies of the Western far-right: from Immigrants to Europe

The more successful populist, Euro-reject parties in the last few years have shifted their platform’s central pillar from anti-immigration in 2009’s EP election to anti-EU in 2014’s EP election. The essence of the shift can be summarized as immigration still being a dominant issue in the far-right parties’ 2014 EP-campaigns, but now as a part  Read more

May 21, 2014 in Analyses, Europe, News

Mutual benefits: Jobbik ‘s pro-Iranian policy

An analysis by Political Capital Institute on the relationship between Jobbik and Iran. While Jobbik politicians are keen to characterize others as representatives of “foreign interests”, in the past few years this suspicion has been leveled most vigorously precisely against this far-right party. In our previous analysis we were focusing on the Russian connections of  Read more

March 31, 2014 in Analyses, Hungary, News

The conspiratorial mindset in Europe

Scepticism is healthy for democracy, but not when it degenerates into belief in conspiracy theories. Dieudonné and Jobbik are but two recent examples that the conspiratorial mindset is alive and well in Europe.   Read the full article on the website of Open Democracy.    

January 30, 2014 in Europe, News, Press

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