The psychology of conspiracy theory

Far right populist parties’ tend to make frequent reference to ‘others’ or an ’out-group’ – usually in terms in terms of either not belonging to ‘the nation’ or ‘the people’.  Most often, this is accompanied by a ‘fear of the other’, a xenophobic perspective on the socio-political environment.  This contributes to the creation of ‘us  Read more

May 23, 2012 in Analyses, France, News

Interview with Catherine Fieschi, the director of Counterpoint

Short introduction to Counterpoint Counterpoint is a research group that works on the cultural and social dynamics that underpin politics, economics and security.  Our research looks for the ‘hidden wiring’ of societies—the stories, the myths, relationships as well as formal and informal institutions that provide the context in which political and economic decisions are made.   Read more

April 4, 2012 in English, France

Populist Expectations (or the Dead Expert)

The economic and political turbulence of the past nine months is not a throwback to the 1930s, it’s a throwback to the 1530s—then, print capitalism shook the world to its core and brought modernity. Today, print capitalism is being replaced by digital finance. Expertise is out, populism is in. Can our institutions take it?

September 8, 2011 in Analyses, English, News, Norway

Norwegian Lessons – Revolting Cultures— elite behaviour, cultural conservatism and political violence

Beyond the first reactions of shock and horror – both of which deserve to linger somewhat before the next set of headlines captures our attention – the horrific events that took place in Norway last week have triggered an array of conversations regarding the killer’s motivations and his cited inspirations. These are legitimate questions–they are  Read more

August 1, 2011 in Analyses, English, News, Norway

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