2013 saw extremism rising in Slovakia

Politicians should observe a consensus to not let extremists enter into the mainstream, and to not use the problems of Roma living in excluded settlements as a tool to gain votes. But there are strong negative feelings towards Roma among the Slovak population and politicians fear they would lose voter support if they were to  Read more

January 16, 2014 in News, Press, Slovakia

The Conspiratorial Mindset in an Age of Transition

Conspiracy Theories in France, Hungary and Slovakia – Survey Results Executive summary Conspiracy theories should not be dismissed as a psychological problem that only affects a small minority – a subtler suspicion of political institutions and their power is far more pervasive. The current period of transition in Europe has resulted in increased uncertainty about  Read more

December 20, 2013 in Analyses, France, Hungary, News, Slovakia

Conspiracy ideas in Slovakia: state of affairs, shifts and contexts

As in each country, which is passing in its development through the major social changes, in Slovakia quite favorable environment exists for spreading various conspiracy ideas. Not all of them have a form of well-elaborated “theories” by which certain political forces interpret the surrounding reality and mobilize their supporters. Many remain just popular “people’s” stereotypes,  Read more

October 21, 2013 in Analyses, News, Research, Slovakia

“Hungarian threat” as conspiracy stereotype in Slovakia

The recent representative opinion poll, conducted by the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO), has indicated how widely conspiracy stereotypes are spread in the minds of people in Slovakia. Up to 63 per cent of the interviewed respondents have expressed their belief (either in stronger or in weaker extent) that it is not Slovak government, which  Read more

September 25, 2013 in Analyses, News, Research, Slovakia

Many people believe that someone “pulls the strings”

The public opinion survey[i] conducted recently in Slovakia brought quite surprising findings – more than 60% of respondents agreed with the statement “Actually, it is not the government that runs the country: we don’t know who pulls the strings”. Out of them, 20% agreed strongly and another 43% tended to agree. Only 25% disagreed (either  Read more

August 19, 2013 in Analyses, News, Research, Slovakia

Demand for right-wing extremist politics in Slovakia: Findings of the DEREX project

Positions and influence of the radical-nationalist and right-wing extremist forces in Europe and prospects for their future activities are not only the topic of lively public debate (especially in the context of the ongoing economic and financial crisis), but also the subject of the detailed expert research.   Social factors of right-wing extremist politics On  Read more

August 10, 2013 in Analyses, News, Slovakia

EU as a tool of global conspiracy?

Slovakia has been an independent state for 20 years already. The Slovak history in the 20th century is characterized by frequent changes – both of political regimes and state arrangements in whichSlovakiawas a constituent part.  The Slovaks have not always been free to decide about their own destiny. There were often external actors (countries and  Read more

January 16, 2013 in Analyses, News, Slovakia

EÚ ako nástroj globálnej konšpirácie?

Slovenská republika je už 20 rokov samostatným štátom. Dejiny Slovenska v 20. storočí sa vyznačovali častými zmenami – aj politických režimov, aj štátnych útvarov, ktorých Slovensko bolo súčasťou. Nie vždy Slováci slobodne rozhodovali o vlastnom osude. Často to boli vonkajší aktéri (cudzie štáty a politici) a okolnosti (vojny, konflikty, konfigurácie regionálnych a medzinárodných vzťahov), ktoré  Read more

January 15, 2013 in Analyses, News, Slovakia

Norwegian Tragedy and Slovakia

A few weeks ago a year passed since the 32-year-old Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik committed a massacre in Oslo and on the Utoya island. After detonating explosives, which paralyzed life in the center of the Norwegian capital and killed eight people, Breivik moved to Utoya. It was the site of the summer youth camp,  Read more

November 5, 2012 in Analyses, News, Slovakia


Anti-Semitism was an organic part of social and political development in Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century, marked by inter-state conflicts, ethnic and religious tensions, social rebellions, revolutionary and reactionary movements. The significance of this malign phenomenon far exceeded the framework related to Jews as an ethnic or religious community.

July 20, 2012 in English, News, Slovakia

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