The Conspiratorial Mindset in an Age of Transition

Conspiracy Theories in France, Hungary and Slovakia – Survey Results Executive summary Conspiracy theories should not be dismissed as a psychological problem that only affects a small minority – a subtler suspicion of political institutions and their power is far more pervasive. The current period of transition in Europe has resulted in increased uncertainty about  Read more

December 20, 2013 in Analyses, France, Hungary, News, Slovakia

The empire of conspiracy: the axiomatic role of antisemitism in the ideology of the Hungarian extreme right

“Ongoing genocide”, “Tracking the Rulers of the World”, “White Europe is under ultimate threat”, “Hungary: 100% Israel”. These are some typical titles you can see on the front page of Baridád (Barricade) magazine, the official weekly of the ultranationalist Hungarian Jobbik party. From the most archaic medieval-style conspiracy theories such as the murders of young  Read more

May 6, 2013 in Analyses, Hungary, News

Túl a cigányellenességen

Az utóbbi szűk évtized látványos fordulatot hozott a politikai és közéleti beszédmódban. Nem minden előzmény nélkül és nem a semmiből, de mégis: berobbant és viharos sebességgel elterjedt a cigányellenesség a széles nyilvánosság előtt zajló diskurzusokban. Olyan mértékben, amelyre a rendszerváltás óta nem volt példa.   A teljes cikk az Élet És Irodalom oldalán olvasható.

March 22, 2013 in Hungary, Press

On the march

In recent years, Hungary has became infamous for its far-right Movement for a Better Hungary, better known as Jobbik, and its paramilitary allies organised in the street armies of the ‘Hungarian Guard’. Jobbik is the most successful far-right party to emerge in the two decades following Hungary’s transition from state socialism to free-market capitalism in 1989-1990. Founded as a political party in 2003, Jobbik’s breakthrough year came in 2009, when it won 14.8%  Read more

March 8, 2013 in Hungary, Press

The roots of radicalism and anti-Roma attitudes on the far right

This paper seeks to look more closely at the prevalence of anti-gypsy sentiment, which is one of the main pillars of Hungarian far-right movements. It will show which social groups and attitudes connect with the politically increasingly relevant anti-gypsy concept – a concept which, for all that it is extreme, has been widely accepted in Hungary in recent  Read more

March 4, 2013 in Analyses, Hungary, News, Research

Dangerous harbours: Populism, extremism and young people

Populist and extremist actors are becoming increasingly adept at targeting first-time and young-, largely undecided, voters. Mainstream parties need more personal contact with voters, more ideology and less professionalism.   Read the full story on the website of Policy Network.

January 11, 2013 in Analyses, Hungary, News

The radical right in Europe: Available on Demand

Peter Kreko argues that social demand for radical right ideologies not only works to increase the electoral base of support for radical right parties, but also shifts the overall political landscape in a more authoritarian, more nationalistic and more chauvinistic direction. Most “attitude radicals” are not found in the ranks of the radical right, but  Read more

October 29, 2012 in Analyses, Hungary, News

More conspiracy theories than conspiracies

Criticism of article based on misunderstanding, uses false definition. Dear Mr. Parsons, Thank you for your response (“Liberals too can be guilty of muddled thinking”’, The Budapest Times, 14-20 September 2012) to my article on conspiracy theories (“Conspiracy theories on the rise”, The Budapest Times, 31 August-6 September 2012). In your opinion, my argumentation against  Read more

October 1, 2012 in Hungary, News

Conspiracy Theories on the Rise in Europe

The International Monetary Fund fuelled the economic crisis in emerging Europe in 2009 to create a situation in which it would be asked to help bail out the region, and consequently elevate the IMF’s status and importance.  The ravings of a fringe blogger perhaps, an angry anti-globalization activist or far-right ideologist?  If only.  In fact,  Read more

July 26, 2012 in Analyses, English, Hungary, News

A broken cordon sanitaire: the growing political relevance of the far right in Europe

Key findings In recent years, political parties on the radical right of the political spectrum in Europe have grown in popularity, to the point of entering coalition governments in the Netherlands and in Greece. The surge of the far right (on the West) is in part down to their shift toward milder policy positions and  Read more

May 30, 2012 in Analyses, France, Hungary, News

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